UNDERGROUND 80s METAL PUNK WORSHIP. FUCK OFF LIFE!!! THIS ISN'T CORPRATE AMERICA. THIS IS SOME BITCH DELIVERING YOU SOME SHITTY D.I.Y. GOODS, ENJOY. All the merch on this site does not exist or is not offered. everything is very limited, not mass produced. this isn't for money, as I am just a fan of old school punk and heavy metal. I want to support all bands instead of taking away any profit. If anyone has any issues, please contact me with the information below.

If any items are lost in the mail, I can not replace them(THEY ARE ONE OF A KIND). I am using first classUSPS shipping for all items ordered within the US that comes with tracking. Unfortunately, the same can not be offered for items outside of the US. (sorry foreign friends) so you're just fucked if they get lost... unless you want to pay for tracking (which isn't an option because no one I know can afford that shit...but I'm willing to do it, just not through the store) please feel free to contact me at annalbryant@gmail.com with "INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OPTIONS HELP" in the subject and I will reach you as soon as I can. If you have trouble contacting me- you can find me on facebook, instagram, or facebook. I will try my best to help.